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Nozzle heads at gas station

Are EVs cheaper to own?

In a new study conducted by Energy Innovation, a policy and technology LLC, EVs were found to be cheaper off the lot in most states than gasoline-powered vehicles despite their typically higher sticker price. In Q1 of 2021, nearly 81% of new-car buyers chose to finance their purchases, while 34.5%...

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Two DCFC chargers at Yorba Linda 76 gas station

New federal funding to help EV drivers overcome ‘range anxiety’

Last week, the Biden-Harris administration proposed new standards for the National Electric Vehicle Charging Infrastructure (NEVI) program, a “key piece” of the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law passed in November of 2021. The NEVI Formula Program, which will provide $7.5 billion in funds for the construction of publicly available electric vehicle charging...

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Two large, wall-mounted power boxes at Keck Medicine

EV sales continue to rise with no end in sight

It’s no surprise we’ve finally reached the point of no return―no, not that point of no return. I’m talking about the positive one where we all convert to green technologies seemingly overnight and save the planet in less time than it takes an EV to go 0 to 60 off...

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