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Green Jobs Just Keep Growing

2022 has been a defining year for the climate tech industry, with the Inflation Reduction Act marking the single largest investment in climate and energy policy in the United States’ history, with automakers simultaneously investing billions across the board to bring better fossil fuel alternative offerings to market. Bolstered by...

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Electric vehicle plugged in to EV charger

EV sales continue to rise

Despite recent economic woes and soaring inflation across nearly all goods and services, the trend of buyers converting to electric vehicles― battery or hybrid― hasn’t slowed down a bit in the first half of this year. In fact, all notable metrics point to the exact opposite: BEV and PHEV purchases...

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Charging Anxiety is the new Range Anxiety

All EV enthusiasts― or those with even the most cursory knowledge of the field― are familiar with range anxiety. It’s an oft-discussed feeling of unease that drivers have when they contemplate running out of battery power before reaching their destination or an adequate charging station. The phobia plagues headlines and...

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The Inflation Reduction Act: More Lithium to be Mined in the U.S.?

Earlier this week, President Biden signed the Inflation Reduction Act into law, marking the “largest federal clean energy investment in U.S. history,” at an estimated $300 billion. According to the White House, greenhouse gas emissions will be reduced by a billion metric tons over time, 950 million solar panels and...

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Big regulatory decision spells WIN for electric vehicle owners

Last week, the state of California announced new submetering protocols for residential EV charging. This change will allow residential EV owners to charge their cars at a lower kWh price than the rate billed for power used in other capacities without the need of additional, costly equipment to measure EV-specific...

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Four DCFC chargers in parking lot in the Hoopa Valley

The fight against L.A.’s bad air

It’s no secret that the conversation surrounding the positive effects of mass electric vehicle adoption primarily revolves around reducing environmental impacts relating to the climate. However, the state of California’s very public attempt to combat climate change, while a definitive net positive, eschews a supplementary effect of mass EV adoption:...

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Solar panels with blue sky and clouds

Grid Resiliency, Sustainability, and Redundancy

If you live in California or other parts of the western United States, you’ve likely heard terms like “energy resiliency” or “energy redundancy” tossed around. With climate change causing high temperatures, reduced hydropower generation and increased wildfire risk, the need for California and other states’ grids to be strengthened has...

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